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My next DIY woodworking project is my hardest one yet. I’ll be making a The Mail Boss using plans from Ana-White.com.

Take a look at the video below.

Ana-White’s Mail Boss

Why Make this for my Next DIY Woodworking Project?

If you are like me, you are tired of too much mail; more than half of it is junk. You ask companies to be taken off of mailing lists, but more mail keeps coming. Lumberjacks are busy as we speak, cutting down all of these trees to create mail that no one will read and only be tossed in the recycling. I can’t solve the root of the junk mail problem, but I can solve it after it reaches my mailbox.

This DIY craft idea got me excited because it is a functional piece of furniture, and it looks nice. It has a place to store your envelopes and stamps. There are filing cabinets for the mail that actually is important. Most of all, it has a hidden shredder that allows you to shred the junk mail before it piles up on your kitchen counter or wherever it collects in your house. Ideally, this could go in the entryway but I live in a split-level house, entry-way space is limited, and I don’t have an outlet for the shredder. Due to this constraint, I’ll be putting this one in the living room at the top of the stairs.

I am excited to get started on this project. I am in the gathering phase right now. I have the paper shredder, the hinges, drawer pulls, wastebasket, file cabinet hardware, drawer handles, and all the lumber. I’ll give a sneak peek here and there, but the project’s final post from start to finish will be when it is completed. Like all of my projects thus far, I’m sure it will contain my signature – additional screw holes where I first put some aspect of it together backward. Hey – that’s the point of this blog, right-not to let perfect be the enemy of good? So join me on my next DIY woodworking project.

Stay Tuned for the final post.

In the mean time, follow my progress on Instagram

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